Friday, January 25, 2013

hollaa 2013!

assalamualaikum wbt

phewwwwwwwww im coming back guys! anyone miss me? nguahnguahnguah my last post was on May last year. its about 7months ago. no doubt, i miss blogging so much! being a master student has forced me to stop blogging for a while and focused on my study. muakahkah ayat mintak lempang. ok ok tipu je. please blame the laziness inside me. im too lazy to conteng conteng here. but i never fail to do blog walking. dont worry friends, i still read ur blog eventhough im missing in action.

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah i just finish my study and now im officially a penganggur. im still here at seri kembangan,wasting my time and money. *sigh* i feel like to go home tonite tp weekend ni ada career fair kt midvalley. then i plan to go home on this monday but then i've to come back here on thursday. what a waste to go home and come back here. ore klate oyak gi mari gi mari. so im in dilemma right now. blergh.

talking about my final exam, im done with all papers without satisfaction. i didnt perform well and it leads to bad result. yes all results are out and sadly, i got one B. it was a bit frustrated tp nak sedih lebih2 pon xde guna sbb sape suh xperfom sgt kan. the secret here is, i skipped this class for almost one month. i didnt go to the class one month until the final week. one month dude! i missed about 12hours lecture. so no wonder la kan dapat result camni? lol i've to catch up by my own for final exam. harharhar

source: facebook

this picture was taken after the last paper. almost half of my classmates were iranian. act we dont know them so well and i seldom talk with them. when we pass through them to go to car park, they just like 'hey come come take pictures with us!' so being muka-tak-malu, we just join them,posing here and there. lol we took a lot of pictures but i only found this one on facebook. 

after that we went to the mines, for so called farewell party and celebrating izzati's birthday. hehe we ate at nando's. being gurls, gossiping is a must! lol i will miss u gurls. hope we can meet again someday.

till then, adios!