Thursday, May 10, 2012

Its really inspired me

The viva started exactly 10.31 am on the day i.e. 22 March 2012, opened by Prof G, chair for the viva session, and followed by a brief presentation by myself on the thesis overall objective and the chapters and their respective findings. Soon after, without a further due, I was bombarded with questions after questions from the examiners. The external is from University of Reading, Prof U and the internal is Dr D. And they seemed to be interested with my thesis in about everything!

I could clearly see a lot of scribbles they made on numerous pages of the thesis and they kept going page by page which they have bookmarked and asked me to elaborate, explain, discuss. Answers led to further questions and further answers. For some questions even I myself was doubtful about the answers, but I kept my calm, and tried to make them aware that my thesis is not meant to solve the world problem, it has its specific focus and probably their suggestion/idea could be incorporated in my future research works.

After about two hours and fifty minutes i.e. at about 1.20 pm, I saw they made a quick glance at their watch, and finally stopped asking questions. Dr D then asked me to wait outside for them to discuss their decision. He said in ten minutes they will call me in.

And that was the long 10 minutes I ever wait. I was incredibly nervous and kinda shivering. What I did at that moment was only to recite selawat tafrijiyah again and again. 

Suddenly my Supervisor Prof Hall came, as he was nearby at the pantry room, next to Dr D’s room where I had my viva. He asked “how was it?” my answer was like, “I don’t know Prof, I think for some answers, they may not be satisfied with it, but on overall it was, hmm, fine.” He smiled at me and said something along this line “It’s ok, I don’t think you gonna fail this.” And then he disappeared to his room at the end of the floor.

After a while I heard a sound, and the door of Dr D’s room swung open, and both of the examiners emerged. I was more nervous, why did they not call me in? 

And Dr D dropped the bomb: “Mahyudin, since we opened our session this morning with Prof G as the chair, I think it’s better to have three of us when we announce the result. As now it’s lunch time, you might want to go and have your lunch first, and come back after an hour at 2.30pm, is it ok?” 

I was like “haaaa???? and without thinking I replied “Oh God, this will make me more nervous!” (Prof G exited the viva session early because he had class at 12pm).

Prof U quickly tried to calm me down and said that I don’t have to worry, they already have the decision, only that they need to make it more formal in a proper session with the presence of the viva chair. I felt better but still it didn’t quell my nervous. I was thinking is it gonna be minor or major? I hesitantly nodded, and out they went, and on their way out I could see they dropped by Prof Hall’s room next to the stairs going down to the entrance door.

I returned to my office at the basement. My friends came to me and kept asking about the result. I told them I don’t have the result yet, it will be after 2.30pm. I definitely did not have the appetite to eat at that time, so I called my wife in Malaysia and told her about everything. Midway through the call, suddenly, I saw Prof Hall entered our office, and...

The feeling at that moment was indescribable, I was speechless, I was like dreaming. I felt like to jump and hug him, but ended up only shaking his hands. I was like crying but I held off the tears. In front of everybody in the room, my own supervisor, with whom I had worked ever since I started my PhD, who I can say one of the most understanding and incredibly kind persons I ever met, congratulated me and announced the viva result that I passed with minor correction.

He told me that both the examiners were quite worrying to make me wait longer for the result. He was talking about the corrections that I have to make, but at that time I was still like dreaming. What I clearly heard him when he reminded me not to tell them I already knew the result from him, and when I returned to them at 2.30pm, just pretend not knowing anything. I was like “haha, your are cheeky Prof!” 

But the feeling at that moment was unbelievable. It really makes the ending to my PhD so meaningful and memorable that the news of the viva result was informed to me by none other than my own Supervisor...

On the way to prayer room to perform Zuhur, I called my wife and told her everything. I could feel it that she was crying in joy too, and with Mawaddah in her arms listening to our conversation. My solat Zuhur  was long, and after performing sujud syukur, I returned to Dr D.’s room. 

Don’t ask me how did I react to their announcement of the result, but I think I can safely say they did not know I already knew it. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, all paraises be to Him.

rasa mcm nk nangis baca ni. bukan tangis sedih tp tangis syukur. pursue phd is one of my target. insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki teringin jgk nk sambung kt oversea. kawen then paksa laki ikut aku g sambung blaja kt oversea. hihik duk kt johor 4taun pon da rasa terseksa gila, ni kan pulak nk g duk oversea bertahun2. tp xpe sbb tym tu suami ada skali. eh tapi english aku ntah pape, bleh ke nk survive dk oversea? kne bwk dictionary 24hrs la kalo cmtu. xpun before speaking, on google translate n translate ayat siap2. muahahaha pray for me guys!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

mari beli mari beli!

hey guys! hehe lama gila xupdate blog. blog da bertukar wajah pon aku tatau. ni baru tau. >.<
btw, just nk promote on behalf of my friend:

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so ape lg, cpt cntct no tu skg!
cntct aku pon bley gak, nt aku roger kt kawan aku ni.
may Allah bless u guys

Sunday, March 4, 2012

aqiqah baby amni

main reason aku balik kampung this weekend adalah sempena aqiqah baby nur amni binti ahmad farhan. memang da plan before start sem lg nak balik this weekend. hehe ni baru aqiqah anak sepupu, kalau aqiqah anak buah sndiri ntah2 sbulan aku mintak cuti ngn bos. lagipon tym ni la dapat kumpul with all family members. even abang aku yg sibuk dgn course tu pon balik jgk. my bro yg bz nak final pon balik jgk. i feel like hari rayaaaa! seriously mcm hari raya sbb smalam ade kenduri aqiqah tu, hari ni plak my aunty buat makan2 sempena her 24th annivrsary. it was like open house! hehe alhamdulillah happy gila dapat berkumpul camni..

semangat nenek n datuk amni buat banner ni. almaklumlah cucu 1st. hehe

siap ada ni lg! giler smangat kan? hehe

cantek x baju kite? chantek sangattttttt kan! cikya geram nak gigit2 budak kecik ni

alhamdulillah majlis went well. amni pon behave je time tgh selawat tu.
nak tau x, tym tgh selawat tu kan xtau knape aku rasa sebak gila sampai nk nangis.  
i just cant imagine mcm mana prasaan mama amni time ni. (tibe2 xsbr nk ada anak sndiri)
xbyk sgt pon gambar tym majlis tu sbb mls nk pegang camera. 

gambar ni tym makan2 kt umah my aunty ptg td. hehe

 k la, chow!

damn true!

sometimes you just have to give up on people. chasing after them is a heartache,
especially when they dont try to meet u half way

Saturday, March 3, 2012

its never too late to say hello on march :)

updet secara ringan je lah mlm ni.

my ending of february was terribly sad.
sbbnya laptop aku mandi hujan! hari tu aku lupa nk tutup tingkap before kuar. excited sgt kot nk kuar, trus lupa nk ttup. laptop aku plak elok je duk sbelah tingkap sbb before tu aku dk on9. petang tu plak hujan masyaAllah lebat sangat2. pintu bilik plak kunci, jd xleh nk mintak tolong housem8 suruh tutup tingkap. adoii..aku kuar bukan jauh sgt pon, pegi putrajaya je, jumpa kawan. mlm baru reti nk balik.. bila bukak je pintu bilik, fuhhhhh bukan stakat laptop aku je basah, tp bilik tu siap banjir lg hokeh! abeh smua buku2, rak buku basah. laptop ak plak xyah cakap la cemano..sedih gila bila angkat laptop, air bercucuran kuar. huwaaaa hancur hati tgk laptop mcm tu. laptop rumet aku yg jauh drp tingkap tu pon basah jgk, apatah lg laptop aku. redha je la tgk laptop mandi hujan. 5tahun xpenah mandi hujan, hari tu mesti excited gila laptop ak dpt mandi hujan. haha

jd bermula la episod menjemur laptop. tiap2 pagi aku jemur laptop kt luar dgn harapan segala isi perut laptop tu kering. alhamdulillah after few days duk jemur mcm baby kena penyakit kuning, laptop ak bleh guna balik. hehe tp kadang dia jd sewel jgk. now my lappy masuk wad. harap2 so-called-doctor-laptop tu bleh pulihkan balik my lappy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

just a quick update

blog direhatkan seketika insyaAllah smpai bulan mac.
xpun april. ntah2 mmg xkan updet dh. 
tp rasanya smpai mac je kot.
sorry kalau ada terkasar bahasa, terlanjur bicara.
doakan aku berjaya dunia akhirat.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a famosa part 2

warning: pictures overload :)

faces of happiness

the aunties and the daras

we're red group and we are the champion! :)


aku muka xsiap

poyo la korang

i think gambar ni cute. hikhikhik

apsal cute sgt neh???!!!!! geram 40juta kali bile tgk bdk nih

with my beloved nenek

a famosa water park. gambar kt cni xbyk sgt sibuk men slides

my gurlfwen and i

*hugs and kisses*

till we meet again. me gonna miss all of u

semoga fmly kite akan terus together, xde gaduh2 dan xde perselisihan faham. 
semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah swt. InsyaAllah. 
i love u all

Monday, February 6, 2012

to all guys!

Jangan pikat wanita kalau anda belum bersedia untuk cintakan dia
Jangan buat wanita tu jatuh cinta kalau anda tak cintakan dia
Jangan memberi wanita harapan kalau anda tak pasti
Jangan sakitkan hati wanita kalau anda tiada hati untuknya
Jangan mainkan perasaan wanita kalau anda tiada perasaan untuknya
HARAM jika jadikan wanita itu kekasih tetapi tiada niat untuk nikahinya

p/s: dipetik drp kata2 ustaz azhar idris. so true!!!
p/s: act tgh try wt blockquote cam kat atas tu tp xpuas hati sbb length dia pnjg sgt. sape tau cane nk reducekan length tu? da try godek byk kali pon still xberjaya lg. sape terer programming meh cni ajar aku!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maulidur Rasul 1433H

p/s: mls nk cite pnjg lebar. lyn gambar je lah yaw
this morning we had makan2 n selawat sempena maulidur rasul at my auntie house.

selawat ramai2. alhamdulillah walaupun xcukup korum tp still bleh on jgk ini majlis

lps slawat, lets breakfast beramai ramai. 
nasi dagang in da houssseeeeeeee! so yummeh!

hehew my auntie n i. my auntie sje posing camtu sbb xnk bg nmpk dia gemok n it works!
nampak mcm aku plak yg lg gemok drp dia. pffft

my sis n dearest cousin,syasya amynah.
ya Tuhan ini budak kan, sgt laaa byk mulut.. 
dh la style dia ckp tu mcm makcik2, pdhal baru drjh 1.

last but not least

my nenek n cucu2nya. u rockx nenek! hehe
tym ni aku da balik umah. jd xsmpat lah nk bergambar.

p/s: my uncle is having the hardest time in his life. kwn2 tlg doakan my uncle ye. smoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan beliau. my tears were almost drop bila tgk keadaan dia skg ni. God bless u, uncle..

Friday, February 3, 2012


i feel like im losing a friend

so sad :(


Monday, January 30, 2012


hari tu pergi lawat anak buah kawan aku. sweet je nama baby tu, Fatima Az Zahra. alahaaii comelll sangat la muka baby tu, mcm muka bapak dia. orang cakap kalau anak pompuan ikut muka ayah, bertuah anak tu kan? patut la aku bertuah,sbb aku ikut muka bapak aku. kah3 tp xtgkap pon gambar baby tu, sbb den segan! dh la kat umah orang, tibe2 nk tgkap gambar baby diorang plak kan. aku ni kan ade masalah sket ngn baby.. masalah takut nk dodoi or nk dukung baby tu. kalau baby 3months above tu aku brani gak la nak dukung tp kalau newborn baby, rasa mcm xbrani nk dukung. xtau la kenapa. mesti korang akan cakap 'isshh ape ni pompuan xreti dukung baby'. hahaha bukan xreti laa tp takut. aku takut kalau aku dukung, silap2 hb terpatah tulang baby tu. tambah2 lg kalau baby orang len, lg la aku takut nk dukung. kalau baby fmly sendiri, brani gak la nk dukung n dodoikan baby tu. hehe tp xpela, lambat lg nak ada anak sendiri. insyaAllah nanti bila da anak sndiri, automatic jd xtakut. hehe

ni bukan fatimah az zahra. ni nur amni.. anak buah sulong belah mak aku. comel sgt! rambut dia sejibik mcm bapak dia. haha xjd la nak suh baby ni pggl aunty mira, nmpak cam gile glamor plak. kah2 just call me cikya k. hehe xsbar nk jumpa amni bulan 3 ni. smoga fatimah az zahra n nur amni jd anak yg solehah, berjaya dunia akhirat. aminnnn


saje je nk berkongsi cite ni ngn korang. cite ni pon aku dpt tau from my xsalah untuk berkongsi

Ahmad n Nur adalah pasangan suami isteri yang baru je kawen (awat skema gila ayat ni).. Ahmad ni asalnya laki yg sgt memilih. dia nk stok yg cun2 je utk jd wife dia n alhamdulillah Allah bg dia bini yg sgt lawa. kalo skali tgk tu mmg xpuas laa. tgk berkali2 pon still duk puji cantik lg. untung la ahmad dapat bini cun..tym awal2 kawen Nur nmpk baik sgt.. tp bile da lama kawen, makin terserlah prangai sebenar. bile da duduk sebumbung, sekatil, serumah baru bleh tahu prangai sebenar kan. huhu

nur ni jenis keras kepala sket..dia suka ikut kpala sndiri walaupun laki dia cakap jgn wt tu, jgn wt cmni, tp dia xnk dgr. contoh mcm laki dia suh wt sumthing tp nur xsuka benda tu, so dia xkan wt bnda tu. kalau laki dia tu suh wt bnda yg xelok, logik jgk la kan kalo dia xnak ikut. tp ni benda yg baik pon dia xnk wt. dh la bkn stakat xnak wat tp siap kutuk2 lg. makin lama duk bersama baru dpt tau yg nur xsuka fmly ahmad. diorang ni xde rumah sendiri lg, so diorang akan gilir bermalam kt rumah fmly ahmad and kt rumah fmly nur. stiap kali turn balik umah fmly ahmad, mula la nur nk wat muka muncung. lepas balik je keja, terus masuk bilik and xkuar lgsung smpai la esok pagi. bese kalo balik umah pas keje, mesti la nk rehat2 tgk tv n borak2 ngn fmly kan. tp nur ni duk terperaaaaappp je dalam bilik. kalau kluar pon just pegi toilet je kot. xelok sgt la bile wat camtu kt umah mertua kan. tp bila turn balik umah nur, happyyy je manjang. muka kalau bleh nk senyum smpai telinga. sape xhappy bila balik umah sndiri kan. haha

lagi satu masalah si nur ni, dia xsuka bergaul ngn orang. let say mcm orang jemput laki bini tu kuar makan, mst seribu alasan dia bg xnak join.. even adik bradik ahmad sndiri jemput makan2 kat umah, nur msti xnak datang. apatah lg kalau kawan2 ahmad yg jemput makan2. sampai satu tahap bile ade orang jemput diorang laki bini makan, ahmad akan wt snyap je n xgtaw nur pon sbb bile dia bgtau nur, nur mula la nak merapu n membebel ntah pape. pdhal orang nak blanje, xkan xnak kot? aisshhh xphm aku! penah skali tu abang ahmad dtg umah ahmad n bwk makanan utk makan ramai2. tp si nur ni smpai ke sudah duk terperap dalam bilik xkluar langsung. kesian gila kt ahmad bile 2 3 kali duk masuk bilik n ajak nur kluar, tp dia wt dono je.. aku tau ahmad mesti malu gila kt abang dia bile bini dia wat cmtu. cant u imagine bila ade tetamu datang tp tuan umah duk terperap dalam bilik? sangat la xelok kan.

aku pon xtau ape masalah sebenar si nur ni. kalau ahmad bwk balik makanan utk fmly ahmad kt umah, mula la nur tarik muka muncung. seolah olah nur xbg ahmad belikan makanan utk fmly ahmad sendiri. hellooooooo belikan makanan utk kakak n mak sendiri pon salah kew? tp bila ahmad blikan makanan utk fmly nur, drp jauh da bleh nampak nur senyum meleret.

bukan stakat tu je, awal2 dulu dapat tau nur xsuka kat kakak sulong ahmad smpai xnak jumpa lgsung kakak sulong ahmad. sbb ape dia xsuka? wallahuallam.. pastu baru ni dia xsuka kt kakak ahmad yg len plak. abes smua adik bradik ahmad dia nak benci. wadehek!

ok dah, xbaik kutuk orang. hehew tp motif utama nk bgtau muka cun xsemestinya perangai baik. bak kata ustaz azhar idrus :

hahahaha ustaz ni comel la.

harap2 aku xjd cmni bile da kawin nanti. nauzubillah.. bile tgk orang prangai xelok tu, kite jgn la duk ikut prangai dia kan. jdkan iktibar n aku doakan moga2 satu hari nanti Allah lembutkan hati nur. amin

Sunday, January 29, 2012

a famosa day 1

act da berbulan jgk rancang nk wt fmly gathering belah fmly bapak aku and alhamdulillah raya cina hari tu berjaya gak ktorang berkumpul ramai2. sangat3 lah seronok bile dapat berkumpul ramai2 cmni. bese kalo berkumpul cmni tym raya je la. tu pon xpenah cukup korum.. one day bapak aku n adik bradik dia proposed nk wt fmly gathering tp diorang xnak jd organizer. diorang just bg duit and cucu2 kena handle n alhamdulillah it turn out to be awesome! 

location: a famosa resort,alor gajah melaka
date: 21-23 january 2012

ktorang sewa 2unit banglo. one with 4rooms and the other one ada 3rooms. cukup la tu utk ktorang berhempas pulas 3hari kt sini. ape yg best bila sewa pvt banglo cmni is ktorang dpt privacy, jauh drp orang sekeliling and we can do anything without ganggu orang lain.

ktorang check in kul1pm. seronok bile dpt jumpa smua fmly. sblm ni jumpa anak buah aku,she is still a baby, now bkn stakat da boleh jalan tp siap ade adik lg. how time flies!

sampai2 je terus lunch. maklong bawak bekal from umah..hehe tenkiu maklong masakkan utk kami! fmly aku ni kalau bleh 24hrs nk makaaaannnnnnn je. sbb tu 3hari ni perut aku mmg manjang kenyang. skg da takut nk timbang berat, tkt xleh trima hakikat tgk berat sendiri. ktorang ni jenis bile tym makan, smua kena mkn sekali harung sbb kalau ko amalkan sikap 'xpelaa,mkn la dulu. jap lg org mkn', alamatnya smpai ke sudah ko xdpt mkn. dulu aku siap merajuk lg sbb aku makan lmbt sket drp yg len, last2 dpt mkn tulang ikan je. 

1st day petang tu xde pape aktiviti lg. jd guys amik kesempatan pegi jln2 kt melaka. xaci betol la. gurls plak jalan2 keliling umah smbil tgkap gambar. gurls and gambar mmg xleh dipisahkan kan? huhu

olololo comelnya yg dua drp kanan tu. hak3. si kecik comel tu la anak buah aku, menangis kena buli tgkap gambar. tym ni ktorang posing2 kt padang golf..tgh syok2 posing, tbe2 ade orang dtg halau keluar sbb diorang nk men golf. haha

bdk2 ni 24hrs duk berendam kt pool. bile balik umah,sorang2 dah mcm negro pon ade. huhu

rasanya ni je la cucu pompuan atuk nenek aku. kalo ade tertinggal pon sorang dua je.. aku tukang amik gamba. huhu fmly aku mmg ketandusan cucu2 pompuan. dua2 belah mak bapak aku cmni. cucu pompuan sikittt sgt kalo nk banding ngn cucu laki. 
mlm plak ktorang smyg berjemaah pastu baca yasin n tahlil utk arwah atuk. ehhh tau x, smlm aku mimpi arwah atuk. siyes takut gila! mimpi dia cmni (smgt nih nk cite!) tiba2 je arwah atuk balik umah dia kt kg.. dlm mimpi tu aku mcm terkejut gila bile tgk arwah atuk jalan kaki masuk dlm umah. even takut pon, tp still salam jgk ngn arwah. then dia duduk atas krusi pastu aku lupe dah dia watpe. hahaha pastu dia masuk bilik, n pegi amik duit yg dia simpan pastu dia bg kt aku. aku xtau la ape mksd mimpi ni, n aku xigt dlm mimpi tu atuk bercakap ke x. orang kata kalo xbercakap, means arwah btul2 dtg jumpa kita kan. tp yg pasti bile aku tersedar, aku mmg cuak sgt2. tgk jam baru kul1.22am.. aku cpt2 bace ayat kursi pastu sambung tdo. haha aku kan kalo terlupa bace ayat kursi before tdo,mesti akan mimpi pelik2. hari tu aku terlupa gk bace ayat kursi n  xpsl2 aku mimpi hantu. huwarggghh seram!!

ok back to topic asal. lepas dah tahlil n bace yasin, tym to bbq!! tp xde pic tym bbq sbb smua tgh khusyuk makan,smpai lupe nk tgkap gmbr. me so sadddd sbb xsmpt mkn kambing. tension i taw, asal hidang je terus lesap. sekelip mata je hilang.. huhu cmni lew bile smua orang perut mcm stoking. haha tp sumpah best gila.. nasib baek lew aku smpat mkn kambing ptg tu..tu pon sket je. kalo x kempunan ler baby i ni. eh

after da bbq-ing, its tym to play games! mlm tu main music chair.. seronok sgt2 dgn gelak ketawa nye, dgn bunga api dentam dentum..macam raya plak rasa. eh mmg raya pon, raya cina. hehe

kanak2. dak pompuan tu anak buah 1st aku. skg da 5taun kot.. antara ramai2 kids, dia sorang je pompuan. 
tu pon br lps melalak sbb bapak dia paksa main. dia xnk main sbb smua laki..hahaha

turn ladies plak men. aku awl2 lg kalah,hampeh btol.. mak2 je yg dpt conquer smua krusi. huhu
tgh2 syok main,tgh2 syok ktawa terbahak2, tibe2 muncul hantu ni

dh la datang xbg salam, pastu siap berjoget lg kt tgh2 orang tgh main tu. sumpah lawak gilaa! 

guys plak main. yg ni lg la lawak gilaa.. mmg havoc sgt mlm tu. tgk tu adik aku siap usung lg krusi xnk bg orang len duduk. haha

after da penat main, now its tym to karaoke!! tp aku xkarok pon sbb segannnn. hehehew!
tgk tu haa siap menari lg..

smua nk tunjuk bakat masing2. time karok ni pon lawak sgt2 bile turn bapak2 nyanyi. at first bapak2 kunun2 malu la nk nyanyi, tp bile da kena paksa terpaksa nyanyi la jgk.. dh la nyanyi sumbang mambang, pastu plak ikut suka hati dia je nk nyanyi. music xstart lg tp dia da xstart nyanyi. tym bapak aku nyanyi, kezen aku kena tnjuk satu2 kt skrin tu tym bila nk nyanyi. muahahaha mmg lawak habes laa. sakit perut gila duk gelak malam tu. bila bapak2 yg kunun2 malu nk nyanyi tu mula nyanyi, abess smpai ke sudah diorang conquer. ank2 buah mmg xde chance nk karok.


smpai ke tgh mlm diorang duk karok.. bile guys kuar tgk bola, pompuan2 je la yg conquer karok tu.
 to be continued...

Friday, January 27, 2012

a famosa part 1

layan je la dulu video ni

next part coming soon tp xtau bile. tgk atas kerajinan. hehe

p/s: apsal ramai sgt yg muntah2 n cirit birit skg ni? 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

omaigodd this is sooo sweeet

hollaaa peeps! come back after 5days vacation. 
will update more about our short vacation yg super awesome!
td buka fb, tgk ade org posted vid ni. sweeeeet sgt2.
paling best bila ally cakap 'xpenah cakap i love u'. ohmaigodd sweetnye!

btw aku xbrapa nk sihat sgt skg ni. smlm muntah2 n cirit birit non stop smpai rasa xde tenaga lgsung.
and the journey back to kb sgt la menyeksakan ngn keadaan cmni. tp alhamdulillah selamat smpai jgk.
stay tune bebeh.
take care!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wordless wednesday

dlm rumah pon pakai spek itam. tym mandi, tdo n smayang je xpakai. hehe
ko mampu?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

convocation II

oleh kerana xde bahan nak updet, maka layan je lah gamba convo aku hari tu..
yg ni version photographer tangkap plak. hehe
all in all, berbaloi la bayar 95hingget utk tgkap gamba convo ni.

gambar kitew ngn umi abah kitew

senyum xikhlas

xcukup korum. amirul azim n afnan xde dlm pic ni. 


dua gambar bawah ni dah termasuk sekali dlm yuran convo.
nmpk sgt la editnye.. drp hitam terus jd putih. puii

last but not least,gambar aku paling xsuka:

xsuke hokei mata aku mcm ape je.. mcm tgk hantu pon ade. huhu act pic ni besarrr sgt, size 11R kot smpai xmuat nak scan. tu je yg dpt scan. selebihnya xmuat nk scan.. aku xframe pon lg smua gambar2 ni. kt mne nk cari frame murah?