Friday, February 12, 2010

weeee balik kg!

cant wait to blk kg mlm ni
xsbr nk jmpe fmly..
since my bro da de kt mesia, so sgt la excited nk blik
n i n0e the most excited person is my mom!
sbb smua ank2 de kt umah..
wee sronok2!

tp yg xsronoknye kne blk umah with numerical prject! shitto
sgt2 mghrp if ade yg sudi mentolong.. ececeh
dan juge xsronok sbb uia xcuti. hampeh btol uia

td tym lepak2 kt fkm, then de sorg lect dtg
her: ade clas lg ke hr ni?
kami: br je abes clas..
her: kamu ant org2 yg malang la ye ade clas hr ni
kami: (gelak2)
well,sape yg buat kt0rg jd malang? lect jugakkkk kan..
kang sng kalo diorg cncel je clas hr ni..

till then, bubye!

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