Sunday, August 1, 2010

dh lama xjwb tag

3 names in your message inbox
D (bf)

LI Hanif (abemat MS PLASTECH)

Mir (bff)

your main ringtone
aku guna hp cikai je..xde ringtone pon

what you did at 12 last night?
tido mampuih..penat gile blk dr batu pahat

who was the last person you went with? where?
ajim pa lisa, cafe k13

the colour of t-shirt you are wearing now

the last thing you did
edit esemen DFA

3 of your everyday favourite items


brg2 mandi

the colour of your bedroom
putih. xceria lgsg. kalau kt umah wrn biru :)

how much money in your wallet now?

how's life?
xbrape nk great. esemen banyaakkk.. tension!

gado ngn mir :((

miss home badly :((

your favourite song
barakallah hulakuma :)

what will you do next weekend?
makan puas2 before puasa

when was the last time you see your mom?
12 July 2010

where is she now?
kat rumah. kota bharu kelantan

when was the last time you talk to your parents?
hari jumaat kot

who is the last person talked to you last night?

the last suprise you got
ntah..da xhengat

last thing you borrowed from your friend
sudu bilik lisa

who is your bf/ gf/ husband/ wife?

ahmad burhanuddin b mohamed

what do you feel right now?
malas nk g discussion jap lg

wanna share with who?
no one

who know your secret?

they keep your secret?

are you angry with someone?
med. br je lps gado :)

what do you order at McD?
burger tp lupe lak nme apa

the last time you feel so sad?
br kejap tadi. tgk facebook nik rk

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